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Alumni Notes

Roderick D. Harris, Sr.

Roderick D. Harris, Sr. was a student of Mattioli Music Studio from 1985-1990. He attended Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs Senior High School from 1987 to 1990. He has performed many times in different genres: from classical to jazz to gospel concerts.

He has two children: Juanita and Roderick, Jr.. He currently lives in Laurel, Maryland with Juanita, who is also taking piano lessons from him. He has worked in the Biotechnology Industry near Bethesda, Marlyand's National Institutes of Health as a Lab Tech and Associate Manufacturing Scientist at various Biotech firms. He has also worked at various denominational churches in the Washington DC metropolitan area, which includes Maryland.

Mr. Harris has advised Mattioli School of Music that he is currently working on a patent for a music tool he has developed. He's the founder and president of Music Innovator's Research Group (MIRG), a company devoted to the advancement of music in education, arts, and medicine. He is the author of "Modern Chord Progressions for the Innovative Musician, Vol. I", a 6-DVD set of over 680 chord changes and "Ultimate Virtuosity for the Pianist", a 12 book (over 1, 600 pages total )set based off of Hanon's 60 Exercises for the Virtuoso Pianist.

A special note to Mrs. Mattioli: "Thank you Mrs. Mattioli, for the wonderful experience I had as your student. I always think of you as one of the reasons why I wanted to learn all the great pieces of piano literature. As a matter of fact, I still enjoy working on Beethoven's Sonatas and Chopin Etudes. I will keep in contact and will definitely visit the studio when I come to Florida."


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