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Eileen MattioliUpon the death of her father, Eileen Mattioli was introduced to teaching music at the age of 14 by her teacher Ruby Noble. (See Mattioli/Noble Award.)

Five decades later, Eileen Mattioli School of Music and Arts now staffs almost 20 skilled teachers, providing lessons in most instruments, voice, drama and poetry.

The school now offers pre-school music classes for children 2 years and older.

With need to expand, Mattioli School of Music and Arts has made its new location at 8550 Blind Pass Road which is conveniently across the road from Gulf Beaches Elementary School and only one block north of St. John's School. The new school is a modern upscale building consisting of five studios, a large room for band, pre-school music, small performances/recitals, and a large exciting waiting area, with deco chairs, a television and a VCR for students to view videotaped performances. There is also a private room for students to their homework if needed. Teachers have a faculty meeting room for conferences and private time.

School curriculum includes theory, technique and chord studies so that advanced students can improvise and compose at will. The school has provided scholarships for students with special needs.

Students receive all types of incentive awards for attendance, good practice and achievement. Adult incentives are also available. Students wishing to participate in studio contests are graded at their lessons and are placed on a Honor Roll the beginning of each new month. Students with the highest monthly grades become eligible to receive large awards at the recitals during the Summer. The annual Ruby Noble Memorial Award is presented to the highest achieving student of the year. This is a cash awards plus a plaque and the student's name is added to the studio plaque that lists all the previous honorees. Local newspaper coverage is also part of this prestigious award.

Limited enrollment is currently available. Please call or email with inquiries.


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